Interior Design

Creating tangible connections

Physical environments offer brands the opportunity to connect with their consumers at a deeply human level. We leverage the strengths of physical space to create tangible experiences that cannot be replicated in the digital world.

Retail interior design

Compelling customer experiences

Our ongoing challenge is to drive footfall. Physical environments must be compelling places where people choose to spend their time. We design retail spaces that embody brands, build relationships, and deliver a return on investment.
Prosper’s expertise extends from shopfront design and window displays, to the strategic design of customer journeys and experiences. We focus on your outcomes, whether they’re about engagement, sales or a combination of both, we design solutions that deliver results. 

Restaurant and Bar design

Designing social spaces

Consumer expectations continue to dictate the pace of growth in F&B design. Conveying brand identity in this space requires a delicate balance of sensory stimuli. We design to differentiate, to create memorable social experiences that get people talking for all the right reasons.
At Prosper we focus on elements that attract consumers, blending evocative lighting, tactile surfaces, art, seating and intimate spaces to create an ambience that perfectly reflects your brand values and aspirations.

Shopping Centres

All day, everyday destinations

For our landlord clients, we are continually looking at innovative ways to increase footfall. Our focus is on the visitor experience, creating thriving hubs at the heart of communities. Offering new, compelling reasons for people to visit is key for shopping centres who are trying to maintain relevance in a disruptive and rapidly changing retail market. We concentrate on future-proof solutions that work for asset managers, tenants and, ultimately, visitors.

We enjoy the challenge of creating multi-use environments that attract and entertain people of all ages. We deliver experiences, building family-friendly spaces that extend way beyond the transactional.