Successful brands build lasting, human connections.

In a competitive marketplace your brand offers compelling reasons for consumers to choose you. Branding design is the art of presenting yourself to consumers in a captivating way, developing brand storytelling that creates enduring affinity. Creating a strong brand identity gives you the competitive edge, and the potential for enviable levels of brand loyalty.

As a brand and design agency, we help businesses like yours become successful brands by understanding their target consumers and devising ways to connect with that audience. We help you define and articulate your values, creating a brand experience that embodies the essence of your business, perfectly reflecting how you want to be perceived.

Brand identity design

Translating your DNA

Your brand identity is the physical interpretation of your core brand values. It’s what sets you apart from the competition, providing the perfect opportunity for consumers to forge meaningful and lasting connections.
Once we’ve defined your brand essence we turn to the task of translating it into tangible assets. We work holistically, collaborating with you, considering every element of your brand strategy and converting this into effective tools that elevate you, providing instant brand recognition.

Brand environments

Spaces that resonate

The branded environment is the interpretation of your brand identity in a physical space. It reinforces strong messages about your culture to your consumers, messages that resonate, that give them a reason to return.
Experts in retail brand communication, we work with you to consistently apply your brand values across multiple mediums, maximising the opportunity for brand recognition and consumer loyalty.

Wayfinding design

Easing navigation

Good wayfinding creates accessible pathways, guiding people to their desired location. Always considerate of the needs of the visitor, it marries these with the design and limitations of the urban environment, working to optimise access opportunities for all.
At Prosper we go further with our design, studying history and culture, always considerate of optimising the space to create an immersive consumer experience. We think strategically about the impact of environmental graphics, allowing scope to deviate a little, to linger and to make new discoveries.