Manchester Dental

Lifestyle Led Dentistry

Prosper created a new brand identity for this private clinic that specialises in cosmetic dentistry and smile transformations

Lifestyle Focused

As part of our ‘define stage’, we immersed ourselves in the Manchester Dental brand to understand the proposition, customer demographics and the owner’s future aspirations. 

This insight led us to create a luxurious, lifestyle led identity that gives Manchester Dental a real point of difference in a sector where sterile, clinical identities are the norm.

A Simplistic Approach

During the Design stage we explored several different ways to bring this brand to life and reposition it as a premium option.

With a simplistic approach, the primary logo marque heroes the M of Manchester and subtly references the shape of a tooth’s crown. The result is a strong icon that takes centre stage on all brand touch-points.

Colour Palette

Akin to other well known luxurious brands, the new Manchester Dental identity is primarily monochromatic but accented with gold and purple to add richness and warmth. 

The result is a modern identity that denotes a significant milestone in the growth of Manchester Dental and sets the brand well on its way to attracting ever more discerning clients.

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