CADS Brand Identity

A new identity
for a new chapter

Prosper designed this new visual identity for CADS that transforms the brand’s image and marks a significant new chapter for the business.


CADS is a diverse business offering a wide array of services across a multitude of sectors. From their heartland in retail to national building surveys, space management software and government contracts their universal quality is understanding and optimising space. 


A part of our design process, we carried out a brand audit that identified multiple facets of the brand that required attention.

One of the most prominent was naming. On investigation we discovered that the majority of customers and employees abbreviated the registered name of C A Design Service to ‘CA’ or ‘CADS’. The shift to CADS is more singular and better reflects the business’s broad offer. 

Design response

A fresh new logo, typeface, colour palette and visual language present CADS and its work with an improved level of clarity and within a more modern aesthetic.

This is a significant time for CADS as their products and services gain traction internationally. The new identity marks the start of a new chapter as they continue to create and deliver best in-class software and services for clients throughout the UK and globally.

COLOUR Palette

Marquee Products

With CADS marquee software products Storespace and Storeview continuing to gain market traction, it was important both received a much needed refresh.

These new identities sit within the new CADS brand look and feel and follow the same approach in terms of improved clarity and more modernised aesthetics.

The Result

The CADS identity has been transformed into a fresh, modern brand fit for today and the future. By simplifying the name and identity we have created a robust brand that presents well across the diverse industries that CADS operate within. The redesign of the Storeview and Storespace products further build brand equity and vastly improves the holistic brand presentation.

Client : CADS

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